Course curriculum

    1. What Happened to Your Confidence?

    2. How You Lost Your Confidence Worksheet

    3. Myths and Misconceptions

    4. Benefits of Self Confidence

    5. Signs of Low Self Confidence and Lack of Self-Esteem

    6. What's Your Sign? Worksheet

    7. Now that I Know Where I am Lacking Confidence, What's Next?

    8. Create Your Action Plan Worksheet

    1. Get Out of Your Own Head

    2. Understanding Your Thought Patterns

    3. Shaping Your Thoughts Worksheet

    4. Break the Cyle of Old Thoughts

    5. Break the Cycle Worksheet

    6. Reframe Your Thinking

    7. Reframe Your Thinking Worksheet

    1. Start Rebuilding Your Confidence

    2. Rebuild with SMART Goals Worksheet

    3. Enhance Strengths and Develop Weak Areas

    4. Focus on Your Strengths and Develop Weak Areas Worksheets

    5. Define Your Principles Morals and Values

    6. Core Values in Action Worksheet

    7. Focus on Solutions

    8. Solutions and Success Worksheet

    9. Accept Your Accomplishments

    10. Celebrate Your Accomplishments Worksheet

    11. Building Confidence with Action Steps

    12. Rebuilding Your Confidence Worksheet

    1. Show Your Confidence

    2. Show Your Confidence Worksheet

    3. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

    4. A more Confident YOU Review

    1. Participant Feedback

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